All workshops are available as training-the-trainer workshops and we aim to cascade these skills out through the community and the NHS, filling critical gaps in capacity for dealing with dilemmas and shortcomings in healthcare.

An affiliate quality assurance programme is available for registering workshop trainers who have been trained and approved by us, which will allow individuals to use materials from this site, and this site itself, to promote and deliver their own workshops. Fees for this will be modest with an initial £200 for a weekend training-the trainer workshop for each workshop or set of workshops you wish to train to deliver and £50/year fees payable upon our delivery of a one day refresher workshop for confirming continued registration, your continuing professional development and providing us with an opportunity to swap tips, tricks and interesting teaching examples.

You will need to be able to cover your own travel and accommodation expenses for the training-the-trainer workshops, and will need to have attended the workshop(s) you are training to deliver as a participant previously. These workshops are useful for trainers and teachers at all levels and non-registered participants are welcome to attend to enhance their own teaching skills without any desire to use the specific materials.

If there is sufficient interest, a workshop for affiliates in developing new workshops, can be provided at modest cost.

Please register your interest in the comments below or email at us


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