Free e-Resources

This is an online course on finding and appraising the evidence that I contributed to at the invitation of Amanda Burls and Anne Brice. See also these three great books from the James Lind Library.

The gold standards for Health Technology Assessment summarised in the Explanations and Elaborations long publications which accompeny the CONSORT, PRISMA and STROBE statements.

CONSORT Explanations & Elaborations

PRISMA Explanations & Elaborations

STROBE Explanations & Elaborations

These are based on the best ‘evidence about evidence’ available and, whilst the statements themselves are aimed at authors and editors, the reasoning behind these quality standards contained in these lengthier papers is, in our opinion, the best available education in HTA and epidemiology.

The Cochrane Library is an invaluable resource for finding evidence, especially in the form of systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials and the Cochrane Collaboaration is an excellent resource for practical advice on systematic review methods. RevMan is freely available and is very user-friendly software for managing reviews and meta-analysing results.

The external links in the sidebar lead to many good reliable sources of information, both serious and entertaining and NHS Choices is a good port of call for basic information about various illesses and treatments.


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