Meta-analysis of survival data from the literature

Starting with an introduction to survival analysis, this workshop uses a number of practical small group exercises to introduce the methods published by Parmar, Torri & Stewart in 1998 (Statistics in Medicine). Participants will learn how to analyse survival data and how to extract summary statistics from the literature to meta-analyse survival outcomes.

The spreadsheet widely used to apply these methods, developed by Jayne Tierney and Matthew Sydes of the Medical Research Council and others based on one I wrote for my MSc project, will be introduced and electronic copies provided, along with relevant academic papers and summary handout.

There is no need for any prior knowledge of survival analysis or meta-analysis, but familiarity with concepts such as confidence intervals and basic probability would be helpful. This workshop will allow students to discover techniques for ‘reverse engineering’ data obtained from publications and displayed in graphs, to aid interrogation of the results and meta-analysis. Although focused on survival analysis, the techniques are transferable to other areas and this workshop provides some useful insights for any researcher who is frequently faced with inadequate reported data.

Workshops can be booked by emailing


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