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metalogo-master-jpg  Our workshops are suitable for those interested in evidence-based health care and applied statistics at all levels, from consumer activist to student to healthcare professional and researcher. The information for each workshop indicates the prior knowledge needed and all workshop delivery is flexible, tailored to the needs of their specific participants. Bespoke workshops and online solutions are available on request.

We are also available for contract research and statistical advice, especially if approached early in the planning and funding cycle. Standard day rates are listed with the workshop prices. All research contracts must firewall the science from the funding and allow freedom to publish.

The workshops are delivered by Josie Sandercock and organised by Darren Humphrey, in association with CASP Oxford and ThinkWell, a collaboration promoting consumer education about, initiation and conduct of, and participation in, high quality healthcare research.

CV inc publications: Josie Sandercock

Josie has run workshops for CASP, a number of universities, the Department of Health and NHS Choices,and the Malaysian Ministry of Health for post-graduates, medical professionals, researchers and consumer groups. She is involved in a project with Iain Chalmers to improve EBHC education and practice in Gaza. She became a technical adviser to UKAS during the development of the Department of Health’s Information Standard and contributed substantially to section 17, on the use of evidence in health-related information leaflets.

Her doctoral thesis looks at barriers to dissemination of statistical methods for healthcare research, with three examples of statistical methods used in EBHC which may be under- or over-used, examining the reasons for this and investigating whether practice should be changed, and if so, how this can be achieved in a system which is already overstretched and short on statistical expertise.

Her two main supervisors have, between them, kept Josie in employment since 1994: Amanda Burls, Director of the Oxford International Programme for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Oxford University;  Max Parmar, Head of the Medical Research Council’s Clinical Trials Unit, London.  Her third wise head and supervisor is Mike Clarke, formerly of the UK Cochrane Centre and now Director of Medical Research Council’s Methodology Hub, Queen’s University, Belfast.

Her special interests include randomised controlled trials, survival analysis, meta-analysis, subgroup analysis, meta-regression, design and interpretation of experiments, consumer involvement, truly informed consent, the critical impact of research (and researcher) quality on research ethics, and teaching at all levels.

Darren keeps the chaos in check, designs and runs the website, takes care of all our IT needs, looks after the finances and is responsible for making sure everything happens.

Please contact us via this site or at metaSurv@mail.com

Everything that appears on this site or our work linked to it is licensed as follows:

Creative Commons License
This work by Josie Sandercock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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